Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)  

What is TCVM (traditional Chinese veterinary medicine)?  
TCVM is an ancient holistic and natural form of treatment that the Chinese have used for over 2000 years on animals. The are 4 pillars are Acupuncture, Food therapy, Chinese Herbal Formulas and Tui-Na, a special massage technique.

How safe are traditional Chinese herbal formulas?
The products are natural and environmentally friendly and no animal extracts are used in the products. The herbs do not contain toxins so are safe to use. Unlike conventual western medicine, the aim of holistic medicine is to look at the animal in its entirety, including past history, environment, food, and behaviour. The holistic approach focuses on overall health and wellbeing rather than one symptom.  In order to ensure the purity of the remedies, care is taken to source authentic herbal formulas that are ethically produced and contamination free.  Our suppliers work under GMP standards.

What can TCVM be used for?
It can be used to treat many conditions including lameness, orthopaedic problems, geriatric malfunctions, digestive problems, itchy skin and cruciate ligaments. In addition, treatment can be offered for cancer care and palliative care, pain management, epilepsy, stroke and behaviour problems. Treatment can be offered to equines, canines and felines. 

Do I need a referral from my vet?
The practice will routinely contact your conventional vet for the clinical records in order to ensure that we are fully informed.