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Holistic Services

Over the years I found that traditional veterinary practice did not always improve the patients to my satisfaction, leading me further afield to explore acupuncture and chiropractic practice. Graduating as a veterinary surgeon from the Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, I worked exclusively on night duties looking after the inpatients, particularly the intensive care stable, involving both post surgical care as well as conservative treatment.

I gained broad experience in general equine practice where my caseload was mostly first opinion ambulatory work. In 2008 I started the pathway of my holistic journey and soon opened my own practice. Since then I have gained numerous certifications in various pillars of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and western complementary approaches.

Holistic veterinary medicine takes into account all aspects of the pet’s life. This includes an understanding of the physical well-being, diet, environment, emotional stresses, and social behaviour. Holistic medicine is gentle, minimally-invasive, and aims to treat the root cause of the imbalances and not just the symptoms. It improves quality of life through taking in account all the individual needs that allow for self healing and strengthen the body to its best.

Holistic treatment and recommendations are based on a comprehensive physical examination and history of your animal. Your pet will receive acupuncture, herbal medicine food therapy and exercise recommendation where needed. To me it is really important that I cater for the individual needs and pattern and include all aspects of the patients wellbeing. It will give them a longer and happier life.

What holistic services do Chirovet provide?

At Chirovet we offer Classical and Laser Acupuncture, Herbal Therapies, Food Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy, Tui-na (medical massage), Aromatherapy, and Medicinal Mushroom Therapy.


The Traditional Chinese Medicine conceives illness as being caused by disturbances in an organism’s energy balance. The purpose of acupuncture is to resolve and relieve these imbalances and energy obstructions, and thus effect healing. No distinction is drawn between physical and psychological conditions, rather diagnosis is based on both components as a whole. 

Acupuncture is a treatment that involves inserting fine, sterile, stainless steel needles into specific points of the body to induce a healing response. The treatment evolved over 3000 years ago in China and it is now being used in veterinary and medical practices throughout the world. In veterinary medicine, acupuncture is increasingly being recognised as a useful treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is another branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In fact, approximately 80% of all traditional Chinese medical patients are treated with herbs, while only the remaining 20% are treated solely with acupuncture or other manual therapies. Chinese Herbal Medicine has ancient roots in China.

Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal formulas are typically composed of 8-12 substances, ranging from plants and minerals to animal parts and insects. In our Formulations we do not use animal products. Law prohibits the inclusion of endangered species or pharmaceutical drugs in any formula. These herbal formulas are specifically created in a balanced manner with each herb or substance providing either a direct therapeutic action or a balancing effect. Pharmaceutical drugs are highly refined down to a specific chemical that produces the desired result of the medication. This also leads to that long list of the potential side effects unfortunately.

Balancing of different herbs in the traditional Formulas creates a product that produces fewer side effects when compared to pharmaceutical drugs and caters exactly to the patients need and pattern. The herbal ingredients work in a synergistic way.

Herbal medicine is used in China to treat almost any condition which would be treated with Western pharmaceutical drugs. Commonly, herbal medicines are combined with acupuncture, food therapies, and lifestyle changes to promote healing -a truly holistic approach.

Quality Control is essential for Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM). All raw material and herbal products comply with the new stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). GMP certification means that the site and methods employed in the production of the herbs has been subject to a thorough quality control investigation and is certified to be in compliance. Tests for moisture content, dissolution, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium) and microbial content are performed on every batch of finished product.

I treat all animals but horses, dogs and cats are my most regular clients. Other animals I have treated include, Pigs, Cattle, Sheep, Chicken, Rats and Ferrets.

What are the benefits of holistic services for animals?

Holistic medicine will give you an approach that looks at you animal as one system not just a symptom. We are assessing why disease is happening and not just to treat one thing. Complementary medicine looks the root of the problem, not just the branch. Mapping out the whole picture enables to see where weaknesses are therefor address the underlying causes for anything that is happening in the body. Holistic medicine balances the body, it nourishes, tonyfies and moves stagnation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A holistic veterinarian as a qualified veterinary surgeon who is specialised in one or more holistic treatments for example Chinese and or western herbal medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, food therapy, chiropractic etc

Holistic treatment can include conventional medication if necessary but if a veterinarian is not looking at the whole pattern and using complementary medicine the approach would not be understood as holistic.

After making an appointment we will review the medical records from your conventional veterinarian and discuss with you the major concerns you would like to address with alternative therapy.  We will discuss you questions, prognosis, management and costs involved.

The initial consultation is a clinical assessment, visually and physically, during which we talk about the individual characteristics of your pet. We will discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan and make sure you and your pet are comfortable prior to starting any treatment.  Questions are encouraged at any time.  Acupuncture treatment usually begins during the initial appointment.  During this treatment it is encouraged that you be with your pet to comfort them unless you wish different.  I will also give recommendations for diet changes, supplements and herbal medicine, exercises and/or hydrotherapy.

Parking is in front of the Nissen Hut outside the gate or if space in front of the Shepherds Hut in the yard.

Parking is in front of the Nissen Hut outside the gate or if space in front of the Shepherds Hut in the yard. I will look out for you and acknowledge you arrival and come to get you in once everything is prepared and ready for you.

We offer a full range of holistic services like acupuncture, Food therapy, Chinese Herbal medicine, Tui-na, Chiropractic and Homeopathy.

I am a certificate holder in several holistic treatments like Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chiropractic, Tui-Na and Food therapy. As vets we are obliged to keep up our standards by participating in Continuous Professional Development courses each year. Over the last 10 years I have selected course to deepen my knowledge in the holistic treatments I offer. I have travelled abroad numerous times to receive some of the best training available in my field of expertise to serve my clients to my best ability.